Momo Protocol Introduction

MomoSwap helps you make the most out of your crypto in three ways:

Play, Trade & Earn.


Swap your crypto tokens quickly as there is no need of registration or account. MomoSwap is everyone’s choice for the decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It has the highest volumes of trading in the crypto market.

Low Fees

With MomoSwap, you do not need to pay more as it runs on a blockchain like Binance Smart Chain which costs you much lower for transactions than Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Unlike other top decentralised exchanging platforms, MomoSwap trading fees are far lower. This way, you reward yourselves with double wining treats.


You can trade from your wallet app directly now, thanks to MomoSwap. Contrary to the centralized exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, your funds are not held at MomoSwap while trading. Here you enjoy 100% crypto ownership.

💸 Earn

Earn free _Momo_ and other tokens at insanely high of interest rates.
Earn free tokens with the generous Soup Pools Stake MOMO. You see? It is that simple to reward yourself.
MOMO holders at this very moment are largely benefitting from free tokens earnings every week from the major projects. Even better news is that newer projects have been joining the party daily. This means that you can increase your earnings even more for even longer periods.

Earn MOMO with Yield Farms

Earn MOMO by staking LP tokens. This way, you gain more market fluctuations related exposure than you do with the Soup Pools, but then higher APR can be earned in order to offset the risks.

Earn Trading Fees

No farm is no more an issue if you are at Momo Protocol. In case the Farms page does not support your trading pair, trading fees can still be earned when your tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs) are staked by you.
Last modified 1yr ago