General FAQ

How can MOMO be staked?

MOMO can be put on stake right on the "Staking" page. Clicking on the small "+" sign after you approve the contract will let you choose the amount which you want to stake. Click confirm and you are good to go.
Staking page:

How staking differs from farming?

STAKING: You do not need literally anything other than the $MOMO itself for staking $MOMO.
FARMING: liquidity to one of the pools is needed to be provided on the farming page for the act of farming. Only then you can stake your LP tokens.
However, both of the above have their own set of pros and cons and choosing them depends on your crypto strategy.

How do I farm?

Firstly, you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools in order to carry out farming. These are the pools which can be found on the "Farm" page.
Once you provide liquidity and receive your LP tokens, opt for selecting the pool joined by you from the "Farm" page. Next, approve the contract and by clicking on the mini "+" sign, you can choose the staking amount and finally confirm it.
Provide liquidity: Stake your LP tokens:

How can my wallet be connected to MomoSwap?

By clicking on the "Unlock Wallet" button which you find on the top-right corner of the page, you can enable your wallet to be connected. Following further, look for and choose the wallet which you want it to be connected to MomoSwap and hence, click "connect". Once you approve the connection, you are all set.

How can my wallet be setup on Binance Smart Chain? (This technical remain as it is)

Trust Wallet: When you go into the dAPP in the top-right corner you can see the different blockchains available, click on it then choose Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.
MetaMask : Create a custom RPC with the following:
Network Name : BSC Mainnet
Chain ID : 56
Symbol : BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Why my transaction keeps failing?

Find more details about the TX on
In case it displays "burn amount exceeds balance" then it means you had forgot unstaking your $SOUP. (Happens while incurring the transaction failure during $MOMO unstaking)
In case there is any message other than the above , then a problem within BSC might be there so, kindly try to increase the transfer fees up to 20 GWEI 200,000 of GAS limit.

When will more pools be opened by Momo Protocol?

An announcement will always be made before the new pools are launched.
The Telegram announcement group can be joined to be the first person who keeps a check on all news.
Announcements Group:

How can I get airdrops?

If they are going on, all the official airdrops will be announced and displayed alongside their requirements.
It is to note that everyone can airdrop tokens to MomoSwap users for the fact that all transactions are made publicly on BSCScan. So make sure that you have done enough due diligence on your side when the non-official airdrops are concerned.

Why it is being displayed that I own no BNB balance?

It is most likely to happen when you are not connected to the Binance Smart Chain within your crypto wallet.

What is the total max supply of MOMO?

The Initial Total Supply of MOMO was 15000000 but among this amount, 1640000 is Burned forever.
This brings the Total Supply to approximately 13360000.

Remember that 60% of the Initial Total supply of MOMO is locked for 6month, 1 year, and 2 years respectively.

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